I've put here some smaller games, mostly created for competitions.

Notepad: The Game

This was created for Peblo's Belfozormp competition. In the game you play the notepad and try to help Nick, who's made of ASCII characters. The game includes a quite original way to help the character: writing! You can check a screenshot here. The cool pointy font used in this game was created by PointyDesign.

Download Notepad: The Game.


Another one for the Belfozormp competition. I created this game along with Mitchell Monhemius. Due to communicational problems we didn't have the time to really polish the game, but I think it's very cool nonetheless. Mitchell did a great job on the musics (and also in many other things!). The game is a bit like Floating Islands Game - your objective is to rescue a mindless sleepwalker by putting different objects to the level.

Download Sleepwalker.


Yet another Belfozormp game. I didn't have the time to create one of the games, otherwise there would be 4 belfozormp's here. Anyway, this one was created for the theme 'Game over, continue?' I think I didn't manage to get the required theme to the game well enough, I was doing a simple shooter platformer, but after noticing that originality also gives points I added a puzzle feature, time stopping. I fear though that the puzzle element became a bit too dominant here. But yeah, play it and see it yourself. Be warned though, the game is mostly a puzzle game.
Some screenshots: 1 2 3
Download Timerocketxby.

There's also this small experimental-sort-of game called Flickerstrings. I guess it's worth of a try.
Screenshots: 1 2
Download Flickerstrings.