FIG is a lemmings-like puzzle platformer hybrid where you guide a brainless guy through 35 islands by communicating with the environment around he guy. My best game so far. Features also awesome music made by Johan hargne, and ending music made by Nawby. The game comes with a tutorial, so do not worry if you at first don't understand what to do! I guess there's nothing else to say, just check some screenshots: 1 2 3

The game was featured at JayIsGames and the IndieGames Blog. FIG was also mentioned in the PC Gamer magazine (1.10.2008), and won the 'Best of 2008' -award at JayIsGames.

Download the game from here. Current version is 1.4

There's also a FIG wallpaper (1280x1024) downloadable in my DeviantArt account.

Superduper bonus! The soundtrack is now downloadable! Download it here. Thanks Johan!

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