Welcome! This is the homesite of Arvi "Hempuli" Teikari. I live in Finland and I love to create games and draw stuff. This site is mostly for my games, but you can see more stuff by me at my DeviantArt account, linked below. More recent news (which aren't always even related to games!) can be found from my blog. All these games are Fueled by Fusion.

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Baba Is You

Under development:
ESA 2 ~ Baba Is You

Finished games:
Environmental Station Alpha
Officer Alfred ~ Masjin
CWOUN ~ Excavatorrr
Beyond the Black Hole ~ FIG
Where They Once Were ~ Cavern of Flight ~ Salvage Star
Copenhagen 2030 ~ It'll End Tonight
Badland Quest ~ Apocalypse Adventure
Moustache King Adventures
Layers ~ Barrel Facility
Paradise Fort ~ Bactoco ~ Cloud Realm ~ Doooors
Jump, Copy, Paste ~ FLICKERSTRINGS ~ GENERIC ~ Fallover!
Mushroom Engine ~ Timerocketxby ~ Addicsjon ~ Grey Room
Bombing Room ~ Notepad: The Game
Signs-Read ~ CHURCH ADVENTURE ~ Sleepwalker